There WAS wiretapping at Trump Tower: FBI eavesdropped on Russian money-laundering ring that operated out of iconic skyscraper for two years

There WAS wiretapping at Trump Tower
There WAS wiretapping at Trump Tower

  • FBI had a court-approved warrant to monitor a Russian money-laundering ring operating out of unit 63A in Trump Tower between 2011-2013
  • Suspected mastermind of the $50million crime syndicate was notorious Russian mob boss Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov
  • Tokhtakhunov, 68, is best known for allegedly trying to fix 2002 Winter Olympics in favor of Russian figure skating teams 
  • FBI’s operation resulted in multiple arrests and convictions, but Tokhtakhunov managed to slip away
  • He resurfaced months later in VIP section at Miss Universe in Moscow, not far from Donald Trump  

When President Donald Trump angrily tweeted earlier this month that there was wiretapping going on in Trump Tower, he was not mistaken, as it turns out.

Between 2011 and 2013, the FBI had a court-approved warrant to monitor a Russian money-laundering ring that was operating out of unit 63A in Trump Tower, just three floors below the real estate mogul’s gilded penthouse, reported ABC News.

The federal investigation led to an indictment of 30 suspects, many who whom were captured during a raid on their swanky Manhattan hideout, but the alleged mastermind of the criminal organization, notorious Russian mafia boss Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov, was able to slip away.

A few months after the April 2013 raid, the wanted fugitive resurfaced in the VIP section of Miss Universe Moscow, just steps away from Donald Trump.

Speaking to Mother Jones during the presidential campaign last year, Tokhtakhunov, who lives in Russia, said that he did not interact with Trump at the glitzy event.

Tokhtakhunov, 68, is perhaps best known for playing a key role in the bribery scandal that marred the 2002 Winter Olympics in Turin, when he was accused of paying off judges to vote in favor of the Russian pairs team.

He was briefly detained in Italy by request of US prosecutors but was eventually freed and returned to Russia.

In the decade after the Olympiad kerfuffle, Tokhtakhunov has allegedly cobbled together a $50million criminal organization focused primarily on mafia money laundering, sports gambling and extortion.

The home base of the underground syndicate was Trump Tower, according to the FBI.

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