US searching for Jaime Rosenthal — Key Figure in Honduran Money Laundering Case

It was just recently that the United States appealed for the extradition of Jaime Rosenthal. The 80-year-old Honduran banker and politician is believed to be the key figure in resolving the Honduran money laundering case.

Jaime Rosenthal was accused of contributing in a scheme that moved illicit funds through various U.S. accounts. Jamie Rosenthal is not only rich but he was once powerful and held the office as vice president of Honduras.

Foreign Minister, Arturo Corrales announced earlier that the country already sent the extradition request before Christmas. However, it needs strong evidence for the request to be granted. Even Arturo Corrales acknowledges that the power lies on the higher courts of Honduras. Reuters also reports that it is up to the Honduran courts to decide if they would grant the request or deny it.

Based on the same report, the Rosenthal family, are considered as one of Honduras’ wealthiest family. However, the head of the family is considered as one of the main culprit one of the heftiest money-laundering scheme.

The New York Times disclosed that last Oct. 7, the U.S. Treasury Department publicized that Rosenthal, together with son Yani Rosenthal, nephew Yankel Rosenthal have been charged. What’s more, even the varied businesses of the Grupo Continental had been charged under the Kingpin Act. in which the U.S. prosecutors charge them of laundering money for Central American drug traffickers.

Even though the Rosenthals have denied the allegations as further reported by the same post, the charge against them has been passed on to Honduras Supreme Court as relayed by Yahoo News. Despite the charges, the Rosenthals are not wavering down and nor confirming the allegations towards them.

Even though the charge was given, the U.S prosecutors have to wait for a while for the resolution to be passed on by Honduras highest court. It is even shocking to point out that even Rosenthal’s lawyer Andres Acosta Garcia was involved. All of them have all been charged with leading the decade-long scheme that supposedly laundered drug trafficking and foreign bribery proceeds that have been circulated in different accounts all across the U.S.

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