Trump wiretap brouhaha raises Patriot vs. Patriot Act fight

Patriot vs. Patriot Act fight
Patriot vs. Patriot Act fight

The media’s been filled with busy bees lately, painting President Donald Trump with the crazy stick and demanding he produce proof of Barack Obama’s wiretap of Trump Tower — a claim the White House chief threw onto Twitter a few days ago but has yet to back with evidence.

Obama’s denied — reportedly, angrily. The left’s howled, as well as some even on the right. But the fact that Trump’s charge is not automatically deemed ludicrous — that it leaves question marks in such a large segment of American minds — speaks volumes about the state of America’s surveillance-filled society.

What has happened to America, land of the free, country of the Constitution, that wiretapping one’s own citizens has become so believable?

A recent Rasmussen poll — “Did Obama Wiretap Trump?” — showed “the 50-50 nation marches on.”

Republicans “strongly suspect” Obama’s administration wiretapped; Democrats disagree, the poll found. And while James B. Comey, director of the FBI, has privately pooh-poohed the notion of wiretapping, voters tell the pollsters they aren’t completely on board with the agency’s trustworthiness and his reaction doesn’t put the kibosh on the questions.

Here’s the big talking point, from Rasmussen: “[The] survey finds that 44 percent of all likely U.S. voters consider it likely the Obama administration tapped telephones in Trump Tower during last year’s presidential campaign, with 26 percent who say it’s very likely.”

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