Prosecute Clinton for obstruction of justice

Prosecute Clinton for obstruction of justice
Prosecute Clinton for obstruction of justice

There is an aspect of the Hillary Clinton email scandal that’s been puzzling me. When the FBI demanded the private server and contents be turned over for their investigation, Clinton stated she turned over 30,000 work related emails. Recently, 14,900 additional work emails were discovered.

What puzzles me is this: She also admitted to deleting 33,000 emails — emails “she” deemed personal and therefore not relevant. It is not up to Clinton to determine what and what not to turn over. Only the FBI has the right to decide what is relevant, not Clinton.

Criminals seek to hide and destroy evidence all the time. This is the reason we have laws against obstruction of justice and what is called spoliation of evidence. Penalties for obstruction of justice (Section 1519 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 … whoever knowingly destroys … documents … with intent to impede or influence an investigation … within the jurisdiction of a U.S. government agency … shall be fined and/or imprisoned not more than 20 years or both).

Spoliation of evidence, especially important in e-discovery matters, is the intentional destroying of evidence relevant to a legal proceeding. Furthermore spoliation legally allows the finder of fact (the FBI) to assume the spoliator had consciousness of guilt and to view all evidence discovered in as strong a light as possible as unfavorable to the spoliator (Clinton).

Clinton has openly admitted destroying 33,000 e mails to the entire nation. Is that not obstruction of justice and spoliation of evidence?

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