Plymouth police seize London suspects’ cars as part of money laundering and drugs investigation

Simon Arscott & Det Con Darren Levers from Plymouth police's Financial Investigation Unit with cars seized during raids in London

police involved in a series of raids in London and the South East have brought three high-value seized cars to the city as four arrested people are bailed.

A series of pre-dawn raids on Wednesday saw detectives from Plymouth police – working alongside officers from Metropolitan Police, Thames Valley Police, Kent Police and Hampshire Police – arrest three men and a woman on suspicion of money laundering.

The men, aged 29, 22 and 21 and a woman aged 28, were interviewed by detectives from Plymouth police’s Core Tasking Unit as part of Operation Cubic, which is investigating London-based crime groups suspected of selling crack cocaine and heroin in Plymouth and the South West.

All four were later released on police bail until February 26, pending further inquiries.

Around 100 officers were involved in the numerous raids at properties in Reading, Kent, Portsmouth, along with raids in Hanwell, near Ealing, Chingford, in north London and Lewisham in south east London.

At one property in Peckham, south London, officers seized thousands of pounds worth of designer trainers, around £4,000 in cash, a Rolex – estimated to be worth around £7,000 – and around 10 mobile phones.

Officers also seized three high-value vehicles which were later driven from locations London and Kent to Charles Cross police station.

The Range Rover Sport, seized from the Peckham location, is thought to be worth around £28,000 while the two Mercedes – and E220 and an AMG Sport – taken from a Kent property, are both thought to be worth between £20,000 and £25,000. They will now be held at a secure location until further notice.

Around a dozen mobile phones, seized from an address in Peckham, are being examined by investigators while detectives from Plymouth’s Financial Investigation Unit are understood to now be examining bank accounts and financial records relating to the arrested people.

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