How to Motivate Your Customer Service Team

Providing great customer service is among the most satisfying but difficult activities within your business. Firms that focus on excellent customer service are typically rewarded with higher rates of customer loyalty and satisfaction along with higher revenues. How are you motivating your team to give excellent customer service? The following are a few tips to inspire your customer service staff to give excellent service to your clients.

1. Provide Continuous Learning

A customer service rep should always be learning new techniques and industry trends to stay on top of their game. It’s very easy to fall into a groove when working in customer service, so continual training is imperative to keep reps on their toes. Ask your staff what topics interest them so they are not only growing professionally, but personally too. Mix it up between seminars, books, online training, etc. Have your reps work in groups and discuss trends of the day. Remember, complacency in this industry must be avoided at all cost!

2. Give Rewards

Inspire your support service team by giving bonuses depending on meeting your organization’s intention, targets, and values. Set periodic goals and make sure to recognize staff publicly for a job well done. When creating an incentive plan, ask your support service team what they want as rewards. Many times companies will spend lots of money on bonuses that are not the ones their support service team wants.

3. Show Gratitude

Along with rewards, find other ways to show your team how much you appreciate their hard work. Organize team building trips and plan special days where the team can unwind and relax as time allows. Showing your employees how much you appreciate them will keep them happy and make them strive to do more for your customers.

4. Keep your Attitude in Check

Always keep your own attitude in check as you are the example to the rest of your team. Take note of the atmosphere you create and how your support service team is inspired by your attitude. If you stay positive, they will follow your example. If you let negativity get the best of you though, it will spread like poison to the rest of your team. Always remember that they are looking to you to know what to do!

5. Keep High Standards
Inspire your support team by maintaining high standards for customer service. When your company is facing difficult times, it is very tempting to reduce standards. That is the last step you should take. By reducing standards, you reduce customer satisfaction.
Employ these customer service motivation strategies with your team and you will see customer satisfaction improve exponentially! Always remember that your service team is the lifeblood of your company – their level of support can make or break your company.

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