Investigative Reporter: Clintons run money-laundering ring

Prosecute Clinton for obstruction of justice
Prosecute Clinton for obstruction of justice

As Hillary Clinton heads out of the Democratic National Convention to hit the general election campaign trail, allegations of Clinton Foundation corruption are alive and well – and one writer is urging Americans across the country to help hold the Clintons accountable.

Dr. Jerome Corsi is an investigative reporter for WND and the author, most recently, of “Partners in Crime: The Clintons’ Scheme to Monetize the White House for Personal Profit.” His book comes more than a year after Peter Schweizer’s “Clinton Cash” detailed alleged State Department favors Hillary Clinton performed for nations and individuals that donated to the Clinton Foundation or paid Bill Clinton hundreds of thousands of dollars for a speech.

Corsi told WND and Radio America his efforts to shut down the Clinton Foundation have a much simpler focus.

“What I’m maintaining is there is a much easier offense to go after, and that’s what’s called inurement. Inurement is a criminal offense, and it means you run a charity for your own benefit,” Corsi explained.

He said that is much easier to prove than the kind of corruption alleged by Schweizer.

“You don’t need a quid pro quo,” he said. “You just show the financial reporting is so apparently fraudulent and so masking of money that you know went through the corporation because the United Nations reports more that they gave to the Clinton Foundation reports they got. Where did the additional missing money go?”

Corsi said the Clinton Foundation inurement began after the Clintons turned a foundation designed to raise money for Bill Clinton’s presidential library. After leaving the White House, the Clintons used the foundation for disaster relief in placed like India and Haiti. Corsi said Bill Clinton would travel to the scenes of disaster, pose with the survivors, raise hundreds of millions of dollars for the relief effort and then spend just a tiny fraction on the stated mission.

“Money gets ripped off in this grifter scheme and enriches the Clintons. You have to ask yourself: They have these $100 million net worths, and they’ve never held a job except for the Clinton Foundation. Where did they get all this money except to rip it out of the foundation?” asked Corsi, who refers to the Clinton Foundation as a “vast criminal enterprise.”

The instinctive response to that question is that the Clintons have raked in millions of dollars for their speaking engagements. But Corsi said the money trail there is very murky as well.

“You can’t tell where the speaking fees went. Were they foundation related? Bill Clinton sets up a dummy corporation, WJC LLC,” Corsi said. “He has a pass-through account in it, where he is able to take the money through various accounts that he passes it through, comes through this WJC pass through, goes out to other nominal accounts. This is the type of thing drug cartels or terrorists do. It’s classic money laundering.”

Corsi said the Clinton Foundation cannot be confronted through the federal government, because Americans have seen that Uncle Sam will not punish Democrats when Democrats are in power.

“Every criminal in the world knows that this scheme is underway,” he said. “The only people being fooled by it are the citizens of the United States, who are still under the illusion the Department of Justice, the FBI or the IRS operates for equal justice under the law. It doesn’t, not under the Democrats.”

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