Fox Regular John Tamny Still Thinks Government Gridlock Is The Path To Economic Growth

Sarbanes-Oxley Act
Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Only on Fox News would Vice President Joe Biden’s call for bipartisan cooperation send shudders down a guest’s spine.

Alright, we don’t know if Fox regular John Tamny literally shuddered but he was certainly alarmed at the very thought.

TAMNY: I think friendship and compromise and working together are vastly overrated when it comes to politics. This is what got us Sarbanes-Oxley that turned into a situation whereby we made CEO’s criminals. It got us the bailouts of banks that weakened the economy and weakened the banking sector. It annually gets us spending bills that rob us of liberty and reduce economic growth. It’s much better when they’re not working together because they’re not doing us harm.

This is not the first time Tamny has said something like this. You may recall that last month, Tamny said, “I want the opposite of competence and civility. I want these guys constantly at each others’ throats. When politicians are working in harmony, that means that we see our freedoms reduced and we see the size of government grow in ways that sap the economy’s vitality. …Gridlock is the path to growth.”

Fortunately, most – but not all – the panelists disagreed with Tamny. But everybody treated this extremist view as entirely reasonable.

Watch it below, from the October 24 Forbes On Fox.

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