Cruz Donors Accused Of Money Laundering, Helping Tax Cheats, Pro-Amnesty Revisionist History

It is doubtful that Ted Cruz supporters know these things about him. It’s up to them to reconcile this information to continue supporting him.

Credit Suisse Group gave Cruz $33,442. CSG is under federal and international investigation as the money launderers for the crooks who ran FIFA, the international soccer association.

Cruz has taken cash from both sides of the amnesty issue. He has received $705, 657 from the pro-amnesty Club For Growth as well as financial and volunteer support from Wall builders, an anti- amnesty Evangelical group whose founder, David Barton, has written a book on Thomas Jefferson that is frankly ridiculous and justifiably mocked by Jeffersonian scholars.

Goldman Sachs gave Cruz $69,350. The pro-amnesty Goldman Sachs is under an FBI investigation that started in June. It has a long history of dirty dealings and being a Democrat ATM. Is this money a “pay-it-forward” bribe to Cruz to save Goldman Sachs by having a “President Cruz” call the FBI off the trail of his wife’s employer?

By the way, Goldman Sachs gave a fat envelope to Mitch McConnell – aren’t Cruz and McConnell on opposite sides of everything? It seems not.

Morgan Lewis gave Cruz $67,550. It’s an Illinois law firm being sued for allegedly helping a client cover up illegal tax shelters. The media would keep asking Cruz if he would help them out of this mess once elected president.

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