Corruption Currents: Widening Evidence of Russian Role in DNC Hack

Corruption Currents: Widening Evidence of Russian Role in DNC Hack
Corruption Currents: Widening Evidence of Russian Role in DNC Hack

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New York State lawmakers proposed new anti-bribery rules. The McDonnell rulingimperils corruption cases in Boston. (Newsday, Boston Globe)


Widening bodies of evidence in the hack of the Democratic National Committee point to Russian involvement. Russia denies any role. U.S. officials warned the DNC months before the party acted. WikiLeaks, which published the leak, said there’s no proof. (Yahoo, DefenseOne, Daily Beast, NBC, CNN, CNBC)


Prosecutors filed more charges in a fraud case involving a text-message scam. One of the accused says he’ll fight the charges. (Reuters, Australian)

A profile of Eike Batista is here. (NY Post)

Money Laundering:

Canadian banks are de-risking away from money-services businesses out of money laundering fears. (Financial Post)

Bangladesh says it still hasn’t received the recovered money from the hacking heist. (GMA, Inquirer)

India’s reserve bank issued a warning about money-mule transfers. Meanwhile, the premier warned tax evaders of consequences and Indian regulators introduced new know-your-customer rules. (India Live Today, Indian Express, Times of India)

The head of a Kenyan anti-graft group denied money laundering allegations. (CapitalFM)

A Hong Kong money-laundering trial continues. (SCMP)

The lawyer for a jailed Nigerian governor received compensation for wrongful detention. (The Cable)

Dirty money becomes art in Brazil. (Bloomberg)

Where is the escaped polygamist sect leader? (Rolling Stone)

In local politics: Indian authorities launched a money laundering probe of a former state’s minister. A Nigerian governor denied money laundering allegations. The son of a Bangladeshi political leader will appeal his money laundering sentence. (The Hindu, Nigeria Today, BDNews24)


Delays are causing problems with Iran’s post-sanctions deals for aircraft. Tehran insiststhe deals will go through. (NY Times, Forbes)

Terrorism Finance:

Kosovo prosecutors asked a court to expel an Iranian man from the country on charges related to money laundering and terrorism funding. (AP)

Money acquired through corruption funds terrorism, according to the Bangladeshi anti-graft chief. (BDNews24)


Panama Papers: An Egyptian tycoon was named in the latest round of the leak, whichfocused on Africa. Switzerland opened an investigation into a former Russian oligarch based on information from the leak. (AswatMasirya, Guardian, Swissinfo)


Who blew the whistle on Russian doping? One was banned from the Olympics. (AFP, Guardian)

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