How To Build a Successful Voice of the Customer Program

How to Build a Successful Voice of the Customer Program — Wouldn’t you love to tap into what your customers are thinking and feeling about their experiences with your brand?
Once upon a time, consultants told brands that their best clues to find out what people were thinking lay in surveys. You know how it goes — hand your customers a form with questions and check boxes, and make your assumptions based on the results of those surveys.

Well it turns out that finding out how your customers really feel takes a whole lot more detective work than just asking them to check little boxes and answer “yes” or “no” to question. To really understand, to get to the heart of what they think, you need so much more information than your customers can tell you with their words. You need to look at what they do, when they do it and why they do it. To really understand the whole picture, you need to hear their true voice.

What Is Your Customer Telling You?

This idea of digging down into the voice of the customer and the accurate story it tells you is what powers the nanorep knowledge base. Let’s go for a deep dive into how nanorep can help you set up a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program that lets your customers know that you really hear them.

According to Forrester Research, successful VoC programs consists of four steps that feed into each other in a closed-loop process. This set up is what makes the feedback so tangible and beneficial to your brand.

Step one: Listen to and sort through customer feedback.

Your brand probably has a more than a few channels including social media and your websites that deliver important metrics and insight into customer behavior and preferences. But all the data in the world can’t help build an accurate picture of your customer if you aren’t collecting it and sorting the wheat from the shaft.

The first step to hearing your customers’ true voices is to gather all your data into one place. Only after you have all the data from all your channels in one central place can you attempt to make sense of the information at your fingertips.

The nanorep knowledge base is your central hub for viewing all your stats and data from your different channels. This singular view lets you see at a glance, your customer and his or her interactions with your brand giving you a complete and accurate picture, any time, all the time.

Step two: Analyze your data

Now it’s time to analyze what your data is telling you and see it as a whole cumulative picture. nanorep’s patented Voices technology captures the true story behind the data accurately and elegantly. Our easy-to-understand visual analytics platform turns your metrics into a treasure trove to be mined for all they are worth. Pulling in data from your social media channels, your website (both mobile and web-based), and agent interactions, you have the tools you need to track trends, look for patterns and get a behind-the-scenes view of customer interactions. This allows you to finally understand their journey with your brand.

And now you can start to put all that information to work for you. A truly effective VoC program functions on the knowledge that no one size fits all and that each person should be counted as an individual. With nanorep in your corner, your team can make better, more informed and more personally-tailored decisions. Using built-in tools like our Smart Channeling technology, each customer interaction is analyzed to ensure lightning-fast highly customized responses. And as you continue to collect your data, the segmenting tool allows you to drill down even further into your metrics to enhance the personalization of the experience.

Step three: Create your data-based customer experience strategy

You have the information and the insights, the data and the tools. Now the real question is: What are you going to do with all this stuff?

Your next move consists of figuring out how to take this information and use it to make lasting and meaningful changes. nanorep’s Customer Actionable Intelligence lets you use your data to create your new customer experience strategy based on all the information you have gathered and studied. And with all this knowledge at in the palm of their hands, your teams are more in touch, empathetic, and better-equipped to provide your customers with interactions that let them know you really are listening.

Step four: Monitor your results

So now you have lots of data all flowing into one central hub, you are actively working on understanding the real story behind the data and you are developing new strategies to put those numbers to work.

The last step is to monitor your results. By consistently collecting and reviewing feedback from your ever-expanding knowledge base, you’ll begin to see what’s working and what needs tweaking within your strategy. This ongoing loop is what will separate your VoC program from all the passing trends that come and go.

With nanorep as your digital guide you can finally find your critical data points and hear the real story of what your customers are telling you. This deep understanding is what turns data into meaningful experiences and satisfied customers into brand ambassadors.

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