BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange is back via new website after domain seizure

BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange
BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange

roubled cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e has launched a new website after law enforcement agencies seized the original one recently.

CoinDesk reported that the new website is accessible through the domain The functionality of the new site appears to be limited at the moment. Users are currently able to check their account balances and post messages in the BTC-e chat room. One user wrote:

“btc-e is coming back ! I’m super excited to see my assets there, but I’m still waiting for the site’s functionalities to be fully restored.”

In July, law enforcement agencies seized BTC-e’s servers, database, and funds and even imposed $110,003,314 civil money penalty for willfully violating U.S. anti-money laundering (AML) laws. The exchange frequently issued updates on the ongoing efforts to restore the functionality and even vowed to return customer funds.

In an update dated August 31st, BTC-e said:

“Because of the seizure of the data, there is a high risk that it has been compromised. That is why in order to protect your funds, you need to refresh the security settings, so please do the following:

1. Your password will be reset mandatorily, you will have to generate a new password when you log in, or use a new password provided by us using a special option.

2. Change 2fa, delete an old key and create a new one.

3. Check the list of white IPs and delete inactive or irrelevant IPs.”

This follows the three-stage plan to launch the new service announced recently by BTC-e. The first stage, lasting until September 15, would see the transfer of personal data of users to the new company in compliance with European regulation. The second stage would involve restructuring the digital assets of the new company and registering digital user data, while the final stage would see the audit and registration of personal data in accordance with AML/KYC laws.

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