Berea woman indicted on theft, money-laundering charges to dissolve non-profit, attorney general says

money-laundering charges
money-laundering charges

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A Berea woman who has been charged with theft and money laundering in Cuyahoga County court in connection with her for-profit company that catered to special-needs individuals now must dissolve her non-profit charity that dealt with the same matters.

Judith O. Nagy, 52, agreed to dissolve her non-profit – Advanced Opportunities and Life Enrichment Inc. – after an investigation by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office found that she ignored her duties as the operator of the charity, a news release from Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office states.

As part of the agreement, Nagy is never allowed to work for any Ohio charity again, the release says.

The office’s investigation found that Nagy had “breached her fiduciary duties of care, failed to properly manage accounts and failed to comply with Ohio’s charitable laws,” the release states.

Nagy worked as the principal operator of Advance Opportunities and Life Enrichment Inc. and a for-profit group, New Hope Specialized Services, the attorney general’s office says. Both organizations, which lost their certifications in 2014, worked to provide services for developmentally disabled people.

In March, a 17-count indictment was handed down in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court against Nagy in connection with her company New Hope Specialized Services. The charges on the indictment include aggravated theft, money laundering and passing bad checks, court documents show.

Nagy is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars between January 2012 and August 2014, as well as passing bad checks to individuals and other companies, the court documents state. She is also accused of knowingly laundering cash on at least five different occasions.

Nagy pleaded not guilty to the charges at a March 16 hearing, and she is currently free on bond, court records show. Her trial is scheduled to begin May 1.

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