$8bn money laundering mastermind gets 20 years

The mastermind of an $8bn money-laundering operation that prosecutors billed as the biggest ever got hung out to dry.

The New York Post reports that Arthur Budovsky, 42, co-founder and owner of a digital-currency business described as “the bank for the criminal underworld,” was sentenced to the maximum punishment of 20 years in prison and three years probation on Friday.

In addition to doing hard time, Budovsky was ordered to forfeit $122m and pay a $500,000 fine for conspiring to help criminals — drug traffickers, identity thieves and child pornographer — move dirty money around the globe.

Assistant US Attorney Christian Everdell pushed for the maximum 20-year sentence given Budovsky’s role in an “enterprise of unprecedented size and scope.”

To access the complete New York Post article hit the link below:

Mastermind behind $8B money-laundering scheme gets 20 years

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